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Bodywork for Humans and Animals: Clinical Expertise, Mentorship and Education

I work one-on-one, with partners, families, groups and organizations. 

The core philosophy behind my work is that the body has the power to heal itself. I am not a “healer”, nor am I here to fix anyone. Rather, I am here to empower you on your path and assist with bringing your self-healing capacities to life. Through years of clinical practice, I have found that a subtle, well-intentioned, yet non-directive approach is most effective. Your body - your entire system - knows exactly what to do. I am here to listen and facilitate treatment as needed. Early on in my practice, I learned that relying on specific protocols can be disempowering - and a protocol-dependent approach often puts clients in a box. While I honor well-researched processes created by renowned practitioners and educators, I do not run my clients through a series of treatments that are supposed to have a certain effect. Rather, I listen to each individual body and tailor my approach accordingly. 


My background, derived from the philosophy and techniques of Osteopathic Manual Therapy, has taught me a variety of methods for addressing imbalances in the lines of tension that run throughout the body. When left unaddressed, these imbalances and distortions of structural integrity can wreak havoc on the entire system. One of my goals is to take you on a journey through observing your deepest held tension patterns - exploring how they got there and why they’ve stuck around - and to then assist you with releasing the need to hold your body in dysfunctional patterns. We then work together through hands-on work and movement-based therapy to integrate the surrounding tissues. This provides you with the opportunity to empower yourself to relax more fully into a healthier way of relating with life itself. 

This work is often experienced as deeply transformational, as it addresses the root causes of various dysfunctions that may have stored in the body for quite some time. It is also often the "missing link" for people who have tried a variety of approaches and have yet to find lightness and ease around their healing process. Please have a look at my testimonials section for direct words on this


A note on trauma: I am often called to do very deep work with my clients, especially if recent trauma is in their field. Through my personal journey and clinical experience, the space between crisis and recovery is a space I am quite familiar with. When necessary, my work will serve to help you navigate that space - taking stock of what is necessary to release hold of, while opening up to embodying a fullness that allows you more freedom and lightness of being. 

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