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Integrative Bodywork

Licensed Massage & Bodywork Therapist  SC #11589

The core philosophy behind my work is that the body has the power to heal itself. I am not a healer, nor am I here to save or fix anyone. Rather, I am here to empower you on your path and assist with bringing your self-healing capacities to life. Through years of both experiencing and training in various forms of bodywork, I have found that a subtle, well-intentioned, yet non-directive approach is most effective. Your body - your entire system - knows exactly what to do. I am here to listen and facilitate treatment as needed. I quickly learned in my practice that specific protocols can be disempowering - and tend to put clients in a box. I do not run my clients through a series of treatments that are supposed to have a certain effect. Rather, I listen to each individual body and tailor my approach accordingly. 


My background, derived from the philosophy and techniques of Osteopathic Manual Therapy, has taught me a variety of methods for addressing lines of tension that run throughout the body. When left unaddressed, these tension patterns can wreak havoc on the entire system (your body, mind, and all that is beyond.) One of my goals is to take you on a journey through observing your tension patterns - how they got there and why they’ve stuck around - and to then assist you with releasing those tensions and integrating the surrounding tissues. This provides the overall experience of empowering you to relax more fully into a healthier way of relating with life itself. 

This work is often experienced as deeply transformational, as it addresses the root causes of various dysfunctions that may have stored in the body for quite some time. It is also often the "missing link" for people who have tried a variety of approaches and have yet to find lightness and ease around their healing process. 


A note on trauma: I am often called to do very deep work with my clients, especially if recent trauma is in their field. Through my personal journey and clinical experience, the space between crisis and recovery is a space I am quite familiar with. When necessary, my work will serve to help you navigate that space - taking stock of what is necessary to release, while opening up to embodying a fullness that allows you more freedom and lightness of being. 

Ecstatic Dance DJing & Event Facilitation

Being born in New Orleans and growing up in a family of musicians, I was constantly exposed to various forms of music and performance styles as a child. From the raucous big band swing of Mardi Gras-inspired music to the delicate musings of guitarist Pat Metheny, I developed a broad range of musical tastes early on in life. My father was a keyboardist and vocalist with a super talented ear for finding harmonies, so I absorbed musical lessons from him regularly. I began performing at age 10, starting with the electric guitar and eventually moving into the saxophone, bass, piano and drums. I started out playing in punk rock bands, and progressed into funk, jazz and classical music. My musical taste developed over the years and I began to draw inspiration in my playing and performance from an eclectic mix of musicians and groups. I now write, produce and perform a variety of music from genres ranging from ambient and acoustic fingerstyle guitar to jazz fusion and worldbeat.

While living in Thailand in 2019, I was inspired by Kareem Raihani and some other world class Ecstatic Dance DJs to combine my background in music with my work in holding space and facilitating workshops for large groups. Having recently been introduced to Ecstatic Dance, I was beginning to unlock layers of my consciousness simply through allowing the uninhibited movement of my body to "run the show" each time I came to a conscious dance event. I was opening up in ways I had never experienced before. Having spent a good bit of my teenage years as an athlete, I had developed some rigid movement patterns and restricting thought forms that had the ability to take a tight grip on my way of being. Through dancing these into my awareness and moving through them nonjudgmentally, I began to experience an ease of being that I had never before touched. Ecstatic Dance began to give me profound insights into how I relate with the world; my relationships suddenly began to make more sense and I began to feel more at home in my body. Having experienced such rapid growth through something that was so much fun, yet deeply cathartic and transformational at the same time, I knew that this was something I wanted to incorporate into my life's work. I naturally began seeking ways to become an Ecstatic Dance DJ and I was quickly led to enroll in an Ecstatic Dance DJ Training in Portugal with Ecstatic Dance International. This was the final step in owning my role as a DJ and I will be forever grateful to Donna Carroll and Bernice Rabbis for creating an opportunity for me to step into this work. I am now traveling around the world sharing events that allow me to craft mixes of live and carefully curated music that invite dancers to experience deep inner and outer journeys while tapping into previously unexpressed layers of intuitive movement. 


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