Client Testimonials

Here you will find accounts from some of the wonderful clients and students whom I have had the honor of working with. If you would like to submit a testimonial, please follow the link at the bottom of the page.

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Dr. Susie Gronski, Physical Therapist & Author

I’ve finally found a practitioner who eclectically and intuitively understands the importance of caring for the whole body and mind. Zach's approach empowers you to unlock your unique healing potential with subtle cues and facilitation using an array of therapeutic skills and knowledge unique to your needs. I felt safe to allow my vulnerabilities to surface and to connect with my body in a way that I never thought possible. Zach knew exactly how to guide my session with the use of breath and self-exploration so that I could tap into the messages of my body. Working with Zach has transformed many aspects of my life and I can’t thank him enough! Zach's humility and compassion permeate the depths of human kindness. He’s truly a practitioner that is changing lives one person at a time. 

Janet Weiss, Physical Therapist

When I get any type of body work the practitioner must fit specific criteria:

1) Highly skilled and knowledgeable 
2) Trustworthy 
3) Compassionate 
4) Intuitive 
5) Focused
6) Self confident 
7) Have the ability to give me not just what I want, but, what I actually need 
8) An ability to support me mind, body and soul

Zach fits all the above criteria for me and for patients I have referred to him. He has the innate ability to give treatments in the exact manner that best supports his clients’ needs at that particular moment in time. It is with enthusiasm and sincerity that I highly recommend Zach's work to anyone who is seeking a truly complete bodywork experience.

Elyse Kaslofsky, Client

I was a tremendously big skeptic about CranioSacral Therapy before coming to see Zach. I had suffered for nearly a year with intense pain in my inner ear going deep into the center of my head, affecting my jaw, neck and shoulders as well, which stemmed from herniations in my neck. Zach was able to relieve my pain entirely by our second session together. Zach is an extremely gifted healer and practitioner of CranioSacral Therapy. He was able to laser focus this therapy, which was quite palpable during the first sessions. By the end of the second session I was amazed at the relief obtained. Thank you Zach!

Renu from Dubai, United Arab Emirates

I wish to take this opportunity to say that I'm eternally grateful to Zach for the extraordinary and profound experience, which was very serene and powerful. 

I felt more connected and liberated and released blockages and feelings of negative emotion related to past issues and a lot of forgiveness. Zach helped me participate in this healing process by letting go. 

I am fortunate to have met Zach. He has the gift of healing touch. I would highly recommend Zach for his skills, experience and wonderful therapies. 

Kathryn Hansen, CMNLP, CHT, and Reiki Master

My Activate Breathwork experience with Zach was a wonderful internal journey of love and acceptance. Deep and truly expansive breathing meditations brought me to significant realizations of my most purposeful path on earth.

Carole VanNostrand

Since my Activate Breathwork experience sessions with Zach, I have experienced an evolution of my being. It has raised my vibration to meet the challenges of form. I am so looking forward to the next and the next. Zach is a gifted healer whom I will treasure as a soul source. 

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