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My New Endeavor in Equine CranioSacral Therapy

Dear Friends,

I have been given the wonderful opportunity to expand my practice as a manual therapist and study the art and science of working with horses. For two weeks in October, I plan to travel to New Zealand to study with the developer of the curriculum for Equine CranioSacral Therapy, Dr. Sandra Howlett, who is, without question, a master in her field. I am overjoyed at the prospect of expanding my practice to being able to work with horses and I have put together this campaign to help make this opportunity possible. Rather than simply asking for funding and support in this endeavor, I am offering therapy sessions for horses as well as workshops and classes on these techniques in exchange for any support you are able to give. If you are a “horse person” or simply just fascinated by this work, please refer to the section below this description, in which I’ve put together a few resources to see what exactly will be studied and the way it can influence the world. 

I first want to share why I’ve chosen to set up a GoFundMe to support this work.I fully believe that setting up a system of exchange in order to further one’s studies is the most effective way to both learn and integrate new material. By humbly requesting the support of the people around you - with the promise of sharing what you learn once your studies are complete - you generate momentum into whatever field of work you’re studying to practice in. Not only does this empower you to study what you feel will give something of value to the world - it sets up an immediate basis of people to work with and practice your work with. Back in 2016, I brought together friends and family members and set up a similar campaign to raise funding for me to participate in a monthlong Yoga Teacher Training in India. The offering I proposed then was to teach private lessons, workshops and classes in anything I learned during my time overseas in exchange for support in making that dream come true. By pulling together such an amazing group of friends and family members, the training was fully funded, which then catapulted me into my career as a practitioner in the field of holistic wellness for the next three years. The momentum generated through that has stayed with me and still influences my work today. I applied what I gathered through that training to then work full time for a year as the Campus Resiliency Coordinator for a large university in North Carolina, teach in various yoga studios around the Southeastern United States, and establish my practice as a workshop facilitator - sharing tips and techniques for stress management and how to improve one’s quality of life through mindful breathing and movement exercises. Out of my travels with this work, I was introduced to CranioSacral Therapy, which is a form of Osteopathic Manual Therapy that addresses deeply held tension in the various systems of the body and leads to the resolution of old patterns, thus leading to long-term health. This work quickly became the focus of my career and played a huge role in my life’s development over the next couple of years. 

Discovering a therapeutic modality that was so gentle, yet so effective at resolving deeply stored tensions and traumas in the body fueled a desire to go back to school to become a licensed manual therapist. I spent the next two years studying somewhat intensively with the Upledger Institute, traveling for various workshops in Osteopathic Manual Therapy around the United States. These trainings led to qualifications in various forms of manual therapy. Among these, CranioSacral Therapy and Total Body Balancing (studying directly with Dr. Kerry D’Ambrogio) led to my ability to deliver therapeutic sessions helping clients with a wide variety of concerns, from rehabilitating from injuries, to assisting with the healing process after recent surgeries, and even clearing long-held trauma that was stored in the nervous system due to years of chronic holding patterns in the various tissues of the body. This work often led to tremendously significant results and I quickly developed a practice that made me somewhat of a standout as a manual therapist. Here is a link to a few client testimonials so you can see how this work deeply influences people. Pulling together my experiences studying in India and my new trainings in integrative manual therapy, I was able to help people in a way that was comprehensive - merging the stress-relieving relaxation and healing methods of the East with the scientifically-supported, physically-oriented techniques of the West. In order to further develop my understanding of anatomy and physiology and to gain licensure in my field, I enrolled in a nine-month long, 660-hour training in Therapeutic Massage at Isothermal Community College. Over the majority of that next year, I learned a great deal of ways to approach manual therapies from my instructor, Jane Cannon, and even had the opportunity to serve as a guest teacher, sharing the techniques I had picked up through my work with the Upledger Institute in the years prior to studying at Isothermal. This was a wonderful experience and I will be forever grateful to Isothermal Community College for empowering me to become a Licensed Massage and Bodywork Therapist because of this comprehensive training. 

My work has progressed since graduating from Isothermal and I’ve shared sessions and workshops in the United States, Sweden, Portugal, Dubai (and other parts of the UAE), Bali, Indonesia and Malaysia. It is my full intention to learn as much as I can in these formative years and to refine my abilities as a teacher so I can then return to the United States (and the other places in which I have built community around the world) to share these techniques - teaching and training up-and-coming manual therapists and those who are already established practitioners in their fields. Expanding into working with horses opens up new layers to this work and will allow me to serve the world in an entirely new way - incorporating even more meaningful and impactful elements into how I work with people and animals. 

Here’s where you come in: I could not do ANY of this without the community of people who have driven me to deepen my studies of this work. I am humbly asking for any support you are able to give as I step into working with horses. The amount I have set for the campaign, $3300, will allow me to study nearly the entire curriculum, which is four courses altogether. There is advanced coursework beyond that, which I will hopefully be able to fund after building a practice with the studies we’re funding here :) Any amount you are able to contribute
, even $10, will have a significant influence on making this happen. Beyond that, any reasonable contribution that you feel to be equivalent to a session or lesson will be exchanged for work with horses and teaching students how to practice the techniques I will learn in these studies. I will be returning to North Carolina from October 28-November 10th and I am in the works of setting up a workshop at Isothermal Community College to hopefully share an introduction to this work with the communities of Columbus, Tryon more of Western NC and Upstate South Carolina. If you or anyone you know of would like a session with your horses during this time period, please reach out and we will make it happen! I am also hoping to make the event at Isothermal free and open to the public and would love to have you join for the workshop. 

Thank you SO much for helping to fuel this dream. Please know that we are creating something together - I could not do this without the community of people who are committed to helping this work get out into the world.While I am the guy who’s physically in the classroom, it is all of us who are helping to bring these therapies to horses and horse communities around the world. If you have any questions at all or would simply like to know more about the work, please feel free to reach out to me through this website. 



With gratitude,
Zach Evans 

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